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As the nights get cooler and the daylight hours shorter it’s time to start thinking about getting your bedroom ready for Winter! I think there’s nothing worse than getting into a cold bed on a cold night. Wouldn’t you rather it felt like a nice warm hug?

Luckily, there are many things you can do to keep the cold at bay and your bedroom a warm haven. Here are a few tips to help get you started. Read more abou Home Bedding here

Swap your Quilt for a warmer filling
Many of us use a lighter quilt during summer but when winter rolls around its time to swap this for something a bit thicker. There are plenty of options out there, so whether you prefer Wool, Feather or Down, be sure to choose a Quilt or Doona with a bit of winter weight to keep you warm in the cooler months.

Consider a Mattress Topper
If you aren’t comfortable with an electric blanket why not think about a lush woollen mattress topper? This will provide an added layer of comfort as well as warmth to your bedding. DealsDirect has a large range of mattress toppers to choose from to suit any level of comfort or warmth.

Invest in an Electric Blanket
This trusty favourite has been the go-to winter item for years! An electric blanket not only fits snugly to your existing mattress, it allows you to set the level of warmth you desire when it’s time to snuggle down. Some like to use theirs to make sure the bed is warm before they hit the sack, while others keep it on all night. With multiple heat settings, timers and over heat protection no wonder the electric blanket is a winter staple.

Try Flannelette Sheets for added warmth
Simply changing from cotton to flannelette sheets can increase the temperature of your bedding. And you don’t have to compromise on style as DealsDirect have flannelette sheets available in a range of colours and even some vibrant patterns.

Be prepared with a Dressing Gown
There’s nothing worse than that dreaded feeling on a cold morning of not wanting to get out of a nice warm bed! My tip is to be sure to have a cosy dressing gown or bath robe on hand. I like to keep mine within reach and then quickly stash it under the blanket for a few minutes to help take the chill out of it before I slip it on.

Keep your toes toasty in some Uggs
An Australian wardrobe staple, Uggs keep your feet warm whatever the weather. While some might like to venture outdoors in theirs, I prefer to keep mine for cold winter evenings or crisp winter mornings. Choose from ankle, short or tall styles or even simple slippers.

Have wooden floors? Buy a rug
If your bedroom has wooden floors you know that cool drafts can make your toes chilly. A quick and easy way to turn that cold floor into a snug warm one is to buy a rug! You not only keep your bedroom warm in winter but also update the look of your room instantly. I love the plush shag pile, but DealsDirect have rug designs to suit any style of bedroom.

With Winter slowly but surely creeping up on us, I hope these tips for Winter-proofing your bedroom help to keep you toasty warm in the chilliest of nights!


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