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Russia is still with the United States and its European Allies before the vote scheduled on Wednesday afternoon in a new Syria resolution and hope that the United Nations do not seem to be the most powerful institutions will "unity in a plan to end the 17 months of civil war Mideastern countries. beats by dre headphone


Key stumbling block is the western country required a resolution, threatening sanctions, bound in the demilitarized chapter 7 of the charter of the United Nations, it may eventually allow the use of force over Syria conflict. beats by dr dre studio


Russia is strongly opposed to any sanctions or mentioned in chapter 7. Security council after consultations on Tuesday night in the draft resolution of push Moscow, Russia's ambassador to the United Nations deputy ambassador Alexander PanJin said these are still "red line".beats by dr dre headphone


Russia has said it will veto any chapter 7 resolution, but the committee diplomat said, there are still may at the last moment of negotiations. cheap beats by dre


There are many diplomatic effort to try to let the security council unanimously, it will send a signal, Syria much stronger. International envoy kofi annan has been in Russia for two days of high-level meeting, including President vladimir putin, who talks Tuesday. dr dre headphone

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