Brief description: Only As Much As I Dream Can I Be


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About me

School for me is a like a coliseum for where where gladiators fight to be the best.  In this case, it is the students who competes to be the best in their class and in their school. It is for me a place where I can start the plans for my dreams of becoming an entreprenuer. School for me is where I can develop my skills and my God given talents.
Whereever my teacher would ask us to work on an essay assignment in school, I try to write the best essay that I can so that I can get the grade that I want. It maynot be easy as a lot of people say but I simply have to work on my improving my talents and skills so that someday I can become an entreprenuer. I know that I have a ot of things to learn and I have no problem about that. It is because I have a goal in mind and want to achieve that goal.