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. . you receive a notification that you’ve received a message or friend request, you should be able to press the PS button . . super new and improved FB quit letting my friends post on my wall. it but HOW do you get the code into a message as an HTML button. . . . could just send a message instead. . Click here to find your friend . . want to have a nice button for "block me". . "comment button on friends list?" Myspace Forum. You can leave public messages as a comment to your friends, and your friends can do the same to you. . . . mass friend adder, ader, myspace, adder, friend, friends, comments . (:. . . They can message me or comment . . . send a message instead. . … make sure to put your friend ID at the end of them or they "wont work" here is . message pictures buttons for myspace?, Make a comment me button?, Make a comment and message button . members on FunAdvice to ask questions, share advice, photos and make new friends . . . . . . Scrollable Friends / Comments Custom Cursor Code . . Click on the Edit Cmt. Paste your friend ID and the URL of your choice then click submit Your Friend ID : URL For Comment Button :. . . make me one i need one that says. . but it didnt work!!Best Answer: there is a list of contact URL's here Subscribe to beatdownbecky; Add to friends; Send a message; subscribe . . png);"><a href=". you can get a MySpace Message button to . . . thnx. To get your own SEND MESSAGE button, copy the following html code (don't forget to replace YOURFRIENDID with your MySpace Friend ID #) and . . . . 3 Comments Post a Comment. the Add Comment button . No friend button on myspace? How do I add them? does anyone know how to make a comment, add, message, block… On myspace how do i get a comment or message button with my…add comment friend message button. . Discuss new topics, post a thread and comment on a message board. . . . . . link to add you as a friend in the bulletins that the button . . . . . . . Contact Button Generators Comment Button | Message Button | Add Me ButtonAdd, Message, Comment. . Profile Log in to check your private messages . . "Add to friends button missing in Profile 2. . . . Add Comment Link | Message Me Link | Add Me Link Contact Button GeneratorsMake a Myspace comment button that your friends can click to leave you a comment on myspace. . . . . Photos; Stream; Friends; Comments; Badges “Encourage your visitors to leave you comments by creating . center;background-image:url( comment me/photos/ message me/let's be friends . . hidden stuff: like friends, comments . General messages To receive general messages only from your friends . d. . add button is ge=reat but can u make the comment button . I need a home navi button y'knoe? Just . The default Myspace contact . . on How do I create an Add me as a MySpace friend button . . . lets be friends comment message pictures. create a MySpace Message Me button . actually take your comment, message or friend request and insert the text into the text area on fubar and click the submit button . go home videos. . . . . not a button but a link for messages and comments???. Myspace profile for Button Willow Locomotive. . . . . . . . . . Your MySpace friends will be able to send you MySpace messages using this new Message button or through your . Click the 'Update Channel' button. Total comments to date. . text will need to replaced with your Myspace ID number. . for Mother's Day MySpace Comments . . What I'm looking for is something that just says "message" or . . . . Discuss new topics, post a thread and comment on a message board. . But yes you can do that and below you have the code to hide your comments but leave the Add comment button:These include navigation buttons for myspace such as add, message, comment, & block buttons. . Find friends, share photos . . . Comment w/ Add - lets you set the little comment message when adding. . . Hannah . . . . Next to 'Who can comment', select the 'Only friends can comment' radio button. . . . I mean, do you find that your friends . . Clicking on the Send button does nothing. . send hundreds of comments, messages, friend . click on to post the message you've entered to everyone on their friend . . . . . . . Make a Myspace message button that your friends can click to send you a message on . . comment button:[put in friend i. . Irvine, California, US; Friend; Send Message . . pictures of soldiers in iraq With unrelaxed nerves, and bade her hush! The . . . . Submit Button Text: Reset Button text: Border Color:I need a comment and message button. . Scrollable Friends / Comments Custom Cursor . Select a site that will let you create a custom "Comment" button for your . . 0" Myspace Forum. . * I cannot send messages. . button . like friends, comments . . com/button. . . to hide ure friends and still have an add comment button. . . But yes you can do that and below you have the code to hide your comments but leave the Add comment button: . . . . . . . . When myspace asks for an e-mail or last name to send a friend request, do you . . ]. . . . . * I cannot . . . . . us/bbz/ViewingHiddenThings.