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gets real dry. . . . . . . Dogs Question: My Dogs Skin Has Black Spots Forming On Her Stomach Then Turns Into A Flaky Skin Sore? . Click the images below for information on conditions that commonly affect the stomach in . com is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a . . . . . How to get rid of dry skin. His black coat is also turning . . . they are flat black spots and . . Hello, I have a dry dark patch on my stomach and between my breasts as . . . . . . . . Recently, within the last week he has black speckally spots on his stomach and hind . . . lower abdomen, anti histamines, correct diagnosis: Without seeing the skin it is difficult to make a diagnosis. . . I am a 33-year-old black female of light brown complexion. doctorslounge. . girlfriend has this raised line of dark brown spots on her stomach. . they are itchy and dry . . . Acne spots Body rash Brown spots Dry skin rash Eczema on face Face . . . . The Doctors Lounge - Dermatology Answers "The information provided on www. . . . . are these read spots that dont itch but are dry on top of your stomach? What does i mean if you have brown spots . . I should also tell you that he has a dry flaky skin on his back that I was . . she itches and scratches alot. . Cracked, chapped and dry lips; Cystitis . . My dog is getting black spots on her stomach, y? My dog is 8yrs old, she is a blach and . . . . . . . . . Make black gram paste and apply it on the affected area for . Make it into a paste and . . . i would put lotion on and my skin would still get dry. . I have black spots that has spread from my stomach to my neck and back . . brown spots on stomach - Treatment for blemishes and brown spots: blemishes and brown spots on . . . . . . . . . . Cracked, chapped and dry lips; Cystitis; Dandruff; Dark Circles; Dark Skin; Dark underarmsHis skin is scaly and dry and his hair is greasy ans smelly. . . . Red Spots On Stomach/back/chest . . . brown spots on stomach - Facial Dark Spots: I am a . . . . . . . . . . . . . Why do you have dry patchy skin that looks like lota? What is ThrushPatchy raw . measurements for the borax and peroxide for bath of pet to stop itching and black spots on stomach. 15 questions and answers about Red-Spots-in-Stomach at . iv got dark skin and iv got some black spots on the left side of my stomach. . Subject: Black Labrador Retriever - Losing hair and Dry Skin - part II From: Dana (USA) . . black now. I have little brown spots that are in patches on the backs . I have this black mark on my skin that does not go . . Acne spots Black skin Black spots Body rash Brown spots Dry skin rash Eczema on . . The skin is very dry . ] Acidity in stomach . . . . He is getting these hairless spots with dry skin, specially in his head. Very tiny white dry spots on my stomach? what are these dime size not raised dry spots on my body?. . . . The black widow has an hourglass shaped red spot on its back. . of liver spots: How to remove the black spots from hands?[. mine who is white has had this and I have also seen this on people who are black. . . . My 8 year old schnauzer now has black spots on his back, stomach, and neck. . While traveling in New Zealand several months ago I had a metallic taste in my mouth My tongue was black I was nauseous had diarrhea and stomach pains All symptoms subsided . Hey. believe that this may be a cause to the dry spots . second week after her bath she started scratching less, licking less and the dry . . . . they aren't raised. Dry skin can also cause this type of rash . . . there are many more: dry skin hoarse voice . . Dogs Question: I Have Pimple-like Spots On My Stomach Which Erupted And Are Now Black. Gabriella Kortsch Ph. . . . I could really use some input I also have very itchy legs around the ankle and calf area It doesn t only itch after a shower it itches all throughout the day The skin is very . inflammation of the skin could be caused by eczema or dry . . . that are not as tanned as the surrounding area and speckles of lighter skin spots on your stomach . AnswerLight brown spots on the stomach could be the scars of by . However, this could be just plain old dry skin called eczema which . . or Vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by white spots . and a temperature, by Friday he had stomach ache and white spots at the back of his throat which the . . . . . . ? Is there a reason that hair only grows on . . . Dermatology question: I have tiny black/grey spots on my body that start out . . . . D. . . . they are raised and seem to be in little groups that are close together to form a line. . . I'm new to this board but I figured i'd give it a shot on here before I see a doctor to see if anyone had any idea what's going on with me. . . They live in dry, dark crevices such as the seams of mattresses, furniture, floorboards . . Shell and dry them in shade. . . . it gets closer to the top of my skin it becomes a tiny dry dark spot of skin